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ALL of our music. And we mean ALL of it. All our past music (released and unreleased) and all future music (we are making a new album of course, but we mean, of ANY sort). Simple. So that means...

1. OUR NEW ALBUM - as we make it. The *instant* we finish songs (or ideas/demos) - they'll be here exclusively. So you can see the album as it's being made. There are 3 songs finished and exclusively here already ('Whatever Love Means', 'When You Need Somebody', 'My Moon Underwater').

2. ALL of our FUTURE music of ANY sort. We'll record all our live shows, Stu will do regular covers, sessions, spoken word blogs, commentary on songwriting/songs, interviews with others, curate otehrs music that we like - and it'll all be uploaded immediately for you to enjoy. They'll be lots of new stuff each month. And if you don't agree you can just unsubscribe, no hard feelings.

3. ALL OUR RELEASED ALBUMS - Get Some Scars, Your Heart Is A Weapon The Size Of Your Fist, Lux Lisbon Loves Vol 1 etc....

4. ALL OUR UNRELEASED MUSIC - over 100 UNRELEASED TRACKS spread over 26 SUBSCRIBER ONLY releases. Access to the Lux Lisbon full back catalogue and archives. Everything we've ever done - 2 EPs of previously unreleased songs, as well as demos, acoustic versions, alternate early versions of tracks, live EPs (Bush Hall/Lexington + 2 others), BBC sessions, remixes, cover versions, Lux Lisbon Loves2 (+bonus tracks), just loads of stuff - basically over 100 tracks - none of which is available elsewhere at all.



Because, basically, there are 3 tiers.

1. Music Only.
2. Video Vault Acces.
3. Lux Lisbon 'Supporter'.

You can read all about these below. Just scroll down.

Massive, massive thanks.

Stu (Lux Lisbon).

What you get:


  • For £3/month, you get everything above.
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  • For £5/month, you get everything above, plus:
    Access to the 'Lux Lisbon Video Vault' (a members only website - password sent separately).

    In the 'Video Vault' is all sorts of unreleased video content that is not available anywhere else.

    - Previously unreleased *professionally shot* concert footage from live gigs at the Bush Hall, The Lexington and the Bull and Gate and elsewhere. *This has not been released before*.

    - Previously unreleased acoustic sessions, covers, bonus tracks from the Lux Lisbon Loves Series.

    - PLUS We'll be recording footage from all of our future gigs which will be uploaded right away so you can follow us on the road, along with behind the scenes backstage performances and cover versions - and as we record the new album - behind the scenes footage of us recording and working on songs

    We'll be keeping this stocked up with great exclusive stuff.

    >>>>>>>This is the 'LUX LISBON VIDEO VAULT' Tier.
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  • For £10/month, you get everything above, plus:
    - 4 VIP GIG TICKETS* (each calendar year) for Lux Lisbon Shows. VIP ticket includes an early entry to special backstage 5 song Acoustic performance before the gig, as well as the gig itself*

    - 4 VIP INVITES* to our EXCLUSIVE 'Lux Lisbon Xmas Show' in London. We hit the pub, do a small exclusive acoustic Xmas show - all hang out, meet each other, drinks, fun.

    - YOUR NAME IN THE CREDITS on ALL Lux Lisbon physical + digital releases (everything from LPs to YT Videos)

    - ALL LUX LISBON CDs* - every time we release new music in future on CD, you'll be sent FOUR copies.

    - A SIGNED SETLIST from one of our live shows each year.

    - 25% OFF any merchandise bought within Bandcamp.

    *Once you've been a supporter for 6 months, these bits kick in.

    >>>>>>>>This is the 'LUX LISBON SUPPORTER' Tier.


    N.B There is an additional 'SUPER SUPPORTER' Tier available too, if you are interested.

    We haven't listed it here, as it might not be for most people, but if you would like to find out more - please register your interest and we will email you details right away.

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* Downloads are DRM-free and available in MP3, FLAC and more.
Lux Lisbon
London, UK
100% DIY. No outside help of any sort at all.

Lux Lisbon play the songs of Stuart Rook - harmony laden indiepoprock made with tag-team-boy-girl vocals, and under the influence of Dog is Dead, Fleetwood Mac, Bruce Springsteen, Bloc Party, Simon and Garfunkel, Billy Bragg, Florence and Manics lyrics.

Written in Newcastle. Recorded and performed all over England, UK.

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